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WIP – Update #4 -and so it slowly goes

26 Feb

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Although seemingly forever,this painting is gaining ground.  Once I had completed the main floral and jar area, I “studied” the background for a while.  I was a bit nervous to just start painting because once you paint around the petal, there is often a paint edge.  This concerns me only because the area is so large – this is a full sheet painting!

So, I remember reading about a product a few months back. I was curious enough o order it ArtMask – adhesive backed masking film. The product says it will not release  and say on your painting, won’t wrinkle, bleed or flutter, great for watercolors.

Ooooh… nervously I bit the bullet. I traced around the jar and flowers with a permanent archival pen.  Used an Xacto knife and a quilting cutting board to trim it off and voila – the shape of my painting.

Tenderly and carefully I took the Art mask and gently placed it on the painting… what the?  Lifted it tenderly placed it again. Darn and darn. Apparently it sticks to itself and permanently!  Darn -no separating this. Had to cut another piece.  Placing it so tenderly on the painting –  it was, well…  “off”.  I believe it stretches out when you cut it. Read the product information Helen – it says maximum stretch for irregularly shaped surfaces – maybe that explains it.

Note to self – use smaller sections!

Once placed you are supposed to put a fine line of liquid frisket over the edges.  This takes time -and leaves a white edge you have to deal with.

If you look closely at the paintings, the flowers and vase look a bit on the dull side – that is because of the masking film.  I applied two coast of under painting allowing each one to dry completely before applying the other.  Then I easily removed the film.  Retouched the edges and began to complete the background.

Soon this WIP will be a painting complete.


Lighter Shade of Pale – Completed

5 Jan

This commissioned watercolor painting of white-ish roses is now complete.  I did the usual staring at it for while – then adjusted some of the background by lightening some areas and intensifying the colors in others.  Then I did a color balance check and deepened some of the shadows in the  roses.

This rose-bush grows at the back corner of our garden.  The flowers are ivory-white and, as the age, they get pinkish. By the end of the summer they are  really pink and much less white. So happy there are lovely – as they are a thorny mess to prune or get close to.  Even sniffing or photographing them can be hazardous to your fingers and nose!

Height of Summer – WIP of climbing roses completed

2 Oct
Think I am finally getting back in the grove.  I have an inordinate number of works in progress.  All in various stages.  And I finally just completed this one!   These roses grow on my friend Jeannie farm.   They are well fertilized with well composted horse manure.  The roses are spectacular because of it!.  I hunkered down for a few days… armed with opera rose, rose madder genuine, potters pink cerulean blue, and various shades of red in including scarlet and magenta.   

Watercolor painting of pink climbing roses

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Nothing like a pending deadline to motivate an artist!

16 May
Fushia Delight

I am so excited to be participating in the Kings County Studio Tour this June 9th and 10th – http://www.studiotour-nb.com/  .  This means, of course, I have to be prepared.  Now I have been painting for quite awhile getting ready for a solo exhibit “Full Spectrum” to be hung at the Imperial Theatre the end of August this year.  So I have a lot of really large paintings completed for this.  The gap I have is for smaller pieces.

So what does any artist operating under self imposed deadlines do? Why I checked my framing inventory and, this time wrote the sizes down and went searching for subjects that would be fun to paint and coordinate with my three burgundy frames and two gold ones.

Two Beez

So far so good, I have two completed and the others are lightly drawn out.  There are more petunias, a different variety, pretty lillies (I have no idea which variety) and apple blossoms.  I will be ready for any color other than pink.  Oh, by the way, I have a large painting in progress – pretty pink peonies under way as well.  More to follow on this one -just likely not too soon!

Rosy Red Roses – WIP completed – I think

10 Apr

And so,  countless hours, untold amounts of staring and figuring and color balancing… I think this painting is finally done!

I knew today that it was in my reach to finish this piece.  I hunkered down at 8am and just finished it at 7pm.

I spent a lot of time deleloping the foliage.  After I thought I was all done – I looked at it with squinty eyes and realized that I had to deepen the colors of the leaves.  I went back in with a wash of terre vert (a blueish green) and intensified the leaves.  And then once again thought I was finished.

Then I looked at it again with squinty eyes.  Saw a number of the rose petal has to be deepened and some of them needed a boost of personality (more colors).

I looked at it again and thought I was finsihed.   Then I realised the tiny fly had no legs or antennae.

I fixed up the bug and hung the painting on my fridge – yes my fridge.   And am determined no more squinty eyes.

I am declaring this painting finsihed.  At least until tomorrow when I look at it with fresh eyes.

Finally finished the large Lilac painting! Phew!

5 Aug

I think there should be a drum roll with this…..

This was no small undertaking. I have been working on this piece for what seems like forever and a day.  What makes this piece interesting is that the more you look at it, the more dimentional it becomes!   I went through more paint imaginable on this – I guess this is typical of large works.  Always makes me marvel though.  Watercolours are seemilgly endless in thier supply until you take on a full sheet.

I am ready to retire the mauves… for at least another painting or three. I have already started an iris – shades of ivory, burgundy and a little bit of mauve.

Fiesta – a Garden Party

29 Nov

This is an acrylic painting of blanket flowers in my garden. This painting seemed to go on and on forever. Layer afer layer of transparent washes to get the intense colours. But in the end – I am glad that I stayed with it. It reminds me of a garden party.

I originally saw these flowers while at a painting plein air art event in Hampton, NB -I searched garden centers until I found some to purchase.


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