Green, Greenish?

17 Oct

Ah…the colour of lush gardens and spring and grass and the lawn after a good rain.  Green conjures up so many images in my mind.  I remember that as a little girl no more than seven years old, I thought emerald-green was the most beautiful colour in the entire world.  My father once drove across town (really far and in the snow) in order to take me to K-Mart to purchase a green ring that I saw there the previous day.  I could not get my mind off the colour of that ring. I was completely delighted with my prize until the very next day when my finger turned green. Not a nice shade of green either,  but a sort of blackish, olive-y green. And I soon learned a new word – eczema!  I also learned the price of  pride is pain as I continued to wear the ring!

I still do love green.  Makes me think about images of spring and freshness.  Wikki describes green as “In the visible spectrum of light it is located between yellow and blue, and it is one of the three additive colors, along with red and blue, which are combined on computer screens and color televisions to make all other colors. Green is the color most commonly associated with nature and the environmental movement, Islam, spring, hope and envy”


This WIP is very green.  Many shades of green.  And yet, a suitable title eludes me.  Normally a painting just names itself.  Others I struggle with.  However, the painting is coming along quite nicely.  This is being worked from a series of photographs I took this summer for this commission.  It represents a combination of a few photos, this leaf from this one, that leaf from that one and no insect holes please.  The colors I am using are below.


4 Responses to “Green, Greenish?”

  1. susanwall October 17, 2012 at 7:16 pm #

    Call it “Les vert des hosta” means the greens of hosta

  2. usethebrainsgodgiveyou October 19, 2012 at 7:56 am #

    Wow…Your work is striking, and the color chart would have to be helpful to up and coming artists. I am glad I found you on Linked in. I’m off to read more about you as this realism is fantastic!

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